At ReNew Homes, we are passionate about taking landscaping to a new level. The thinking is to do away with the simple cut and dried concept of simply allotting greenery and ground cover, and to instead create landscapes that are truly beautiful, and balanced too, in terms of aesthetics, utility, and sustainability.


Our landscaping services include design, hardscape, and soft scape.  This gives us an opportunity for holistic design.  Walkways, pavers, interesting granite features are an important aspect of landscape and we like to weave these aspects with our soft scape ideas.  Some of the numerous ideas we draw inspiration from and take into account at the creation stage itself are; local varieties, inclusive and diverse greenscapes, the immediate eco-system, produce-inspired vegetation and flowering trees that give back to nature and long-term sustainability.  


The objective is to bring to life extraordinary landscapes. Not just outdoor spaces but experiential spaces. Ones that resonate with discerning design, that uplift both the people and the environment they are amidst and that engage one’s senses with drama and surprise, beauty and serenity. Design from inception coupled with execution, ensure a well conceptualized and equally well-implemented project.

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